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Meet our Artists & Crafters

One of the things that makes Piece of Cake Parties so special is all of the women (and some men) who contribute their art and crafts.  We have a network of more than 50 artists and crafters that create beautiful, hand-crafted party items that make your special moments even that much more special!  Each month we feature one of our artists and tell their story - how they got into art or crafting and how they balance work and family.  Enjoy!


This month's crafter is Chelsea Guarino.  She's a busy mom, wife, and crafter.  She lives in California and designs our beautiful gender reveal keepsake boxes.  We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.


 1.  What kind of crafts and art do you do?

I do all kinds of arts and crafts because I love learning new things. My favorite kinds of crafts are anything that involves scrapbook paper. Mainly making cards and decoupaging.


2.  How long have you been crafting?

I have been obsessed with crafts since preschool. My mom is a preschool teacher so I can thank her for introducing me to being crafty.


3.  How inspired you to start crafting for fun and professionally?

I love things that hold sentimental value. My parents have kept most of my crafts from when I was young and so I know my talent is something they look forward to and cherish. I wanted people to be able to have someone they care about feel that way too which is why I started my small business.


4.  Do you sell your work in other places?

I also sell on Etsy and I love all of the fun connections I have made with people!


5.  Tell us a little about your family

I grew up in a very tight knit family and knew that I one day wanted to expand that warmth we had created. My husband and I grew up together, but didn't connect until after college when we just fell so head over heels for each other. We were married less than a year later and had the best baby a mommy and daddy could ask for two years after that!


6.  What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time that I'm not enjoying being a mommy and a wife to the fullest I like to craft. Which is why having a crafting business is such a dream come true for me.


7.  Any work life balance advice/wisdom?

Honestly, I have learned to have a general outline/plan for the immediate future, to be flexible at all times and to just go with the flow. You can only be in control of so much and as for everything else just try to be prepared.


8.  Thoughts about Piece of Cake Parties?

I have had plenty of parties and the amount of research that goes into finding all of the materials and then running around to the different stores and then having to put certain things together all within a reasonable time frame before the party can be a bit hectic. Piece of cake parties is nice because it is literally a one stop shop AND you can have your party ideas put together for you. All while in your sweatpants with a cup of coffee in your hand. Yes please!




October 2014