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What is Piece of Cake Parties?

Have you ever worked with an event planner or a wedding planner?  You know what makes them great?  They are your guide.

They don't just offer you wedding supply options and let you do it yourself.  They know the steps required for putting together a unique event or wedding.  They make sure all the details are taken care of.  They make sure everything looks good together.  They make sure everything is charming and personalized and you.  They keep you from making silly mistakes that cost you more money and time.  They save you time and anxiety.  If they are good, they make planning the event fun and effortless!

Well, that's what Piece of Cake Parties does!  But the great thing about the Piece of Cake Parties is the party planning is free, and Piece of Cake Parties focuses on those smaller but still very important events - kid birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, and small corporate parties.


What Kinds of Products Does Piece of Cake Parties Sell?

We are nothing like other party supply stores. Piece of Cake Parties has original, unique, hand-crafted party goods. We sell the kind of party decor that make people say, "Wow! I have never seen anything like this" instead of "Oh, I saw that at Party City." Many of the items can be personalized or customized.  Martha would give her stamp of approval on these items!


What is a custom party-in-a-box?

Typical parties in a box are good, because they make it easy to buy a complete party.  However, they don't allow you to do any customization -- select 24 plates but only 12 cups OR allow you to choose your party favor OR give you the ability to personalize your party favors.  And of course, they don't offer you high-quality, handcrafted party supplies.  A custom party-in-a-box by Piece of Cake Parties makes it super easy to buy a complete party but still gives you the ability to do customization, so your party feels special and personal.