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25 Personalized Cigars - New Year's

This is a box of 25 handmade, high quality cigars.  These make lovely party favors/personalized gifts for the end of the evening.  Each cigar is wrapped in a personalized New Year theme-designed cigar wrap.  You may add the guest of honor's name and party date (or other significant date) to the wrap.

2018 New Year's Eve Cigar

We offer three different varieties:

1.  Dominican Natural White Label Corona cigars (6.5 inches long, 44-ring gauge).  This is a premium handmade Dominican cigar, made of the finest long-leaf tobacco available today at any price. This cigar is absolutely the smoothest cigar, with exceptional flavor and no bitter/acidic aftertaste. These cigars have been compared favorably to the Arturo Fuente.

2. Dominican Cameroon Black Label Dark Maduro Corona cigars (6.5 inches long, 44-ring gauge).  This is the finest Maduro wrapper available today at any price.  This Cameroon maduro wrapper is a deep, rich, dark leaf overflowing with complex flavor.  Real maduro of this quality is very rare in today's marketplace, so don't miss out on these limited cigars.

3. Dominican Connecticut Shade Yellow Label Corona (6.5 inches long, 44-ring gauge).  This cigar incorporates only the finest tobaccos available today, at any price. It uses the choicest blend of Cuban seed, Dominican grown filler, a Dominican binder, and a silky, Connecticut shade wrapper that is second to none. This cigar looks as great as it tastes. 

Note - You must be 18 to purchase this item.  You will need to validate you are 18 to sign for this item when it is delivered.  Piece of Cake Parties does not sell or distribute tobacco.  This item is purchased and distributed via a 3rd party vendor.

Product Type: Party Favors