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Adult Birthday Halloween Haunted House Standard Party-in-a-box

The Halloween Haunted House standard party-in-a-box for 20 people gives you the basics plus some extras for your Halloween birthday party.  If you are looking for a party that includes tableware, invites, and some decor, this is the party for you.  It includes:

  • 20 4X8 personalized Halloween birthday invitations
  • 1 11.25" X 17.3" personalized door sign hung by a 7/8" grosgrain ribbon.
  • 24 9.5" clear plastic square dinner plates
  • 24 6.5" clear plastic square dessert plates
  • 24 Wavetrends clear plastic wine glasses
  • 20 purple lunch paper napkins
  • 20 purple beverage paper napkins
  • 50 heavyweight silver plastic forks
  • 50 heavyweight silver plastic spoons
  • 50 heavyweight silver plastic knives
  • Halloween Haunted House centerpiece in a 10" clear glass cylinder vase with orange paper filler
  • Handcrafted layered card stock Halloween Haunted House cake topper (matches the centerpiece)
  • 54" X 108" black spill-proof durable Cellutex paper tablecloth
  • 108" orange satin table runner
  • 30 pumpkin glass name tags 
  • 12 dots and stripes black spiral candles
  • 1 16" black tissue pom (with string for hanging)
  • 1 16" orange tissue pom (with string for hanging)
  • 1 16" purple tissue pom (with string for hanging)
  • 6 black glitter 2.25" place cards/food labels

Product Type: Party-in-a-box