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Color Coordinated Candy by the Pound

Candy is a great for treats and decorating!  You can fill mason jars or make candy parfaits!  Here you can order candy by the pound that will be carefully selected and color coordinated to your theme.  We do not select heat-sensitive candies (no M&Ms or chocolate).  Typical candy items for kids include cherry sours, jelly beans, gum balls, sweet tarts, and runts. Typical candy items for adults include Jelly Bellies, shimmer pearls, Jordan Almonds.  Please let us know if you have special requests (i.e. Nothing with nuts.  No gum balls.  Only red candy.).  

Here is an estimate of the amount of candy needed to FILL (if you don't want the item to be full, you can buy less) the following items:

1.  16 oz mason jar - 1/2 pound

2.   8 oz mason jar - 1/4 pound

3.  Small champagne flutes - 1/4 pound

4.  Martini or wine glasses - 1/3 pound

Candy will be shipped directly to you from the supplier (typically take 5-7 business days).  It will not be packaged with the rest of your Piece of Cake Parties order.

Product Type: Candy