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Corporate Black & White Basic Party-in-a-box

The Black & White basic corporate party-in-a-box for 20 people gives you the basics for your Black & White party.  If you have more than 20 people attending, just order multiple bundles - 2 bundles for 40 people, 3 bundles for 60, etc.

If you are looking for something simple or you want to cover the basics and add your own supplies to the party, this is the bundle for you.  It includes:

  • 20 4X8 personalized Black & White party invitations
  • 24 10" white with silver trim plastic dinner plates
  • 24 Wavetrends clear plastic wine glasses
  • 20 white lunch paper napkins
  • 50 heavyweight silver plastic forks
  • 50 heavyweight silver plastic spoons
  • 50 heavyweight silver plastic knives
  • Black & White centerpiece in a 10" clear glass cylinder vase with white tissue paper filler
  • 54" X 108" black spill-proof durable Cellutex paper tablecloth
  • 108" white satin table runner
  • 1000 pieces of 4.5 mm diamond confetti


Product Type: Party-in-a-box