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Gender Reveal Box

This is a totally handcrafted box by an artist in California that will help you or the guest(s) of honor execute the actual REVEAL!  This adorable 3" X 3" X 2" wooden box has gray chevrons decoupaged around the exterior.  It has the most precious hand-painted silver hand prints on the top along with a handmade pink and blue banner.  The interior of the box is painted either pink or blue (depending on the gender).  It has a folded paper message inside that slowly reveals - "Girl...Go...Team...Pink!"  or "Boy...Go...Team...Blue!"

This makes a fabulous keepsake to keep in your nursery and child's room for years to come to remind you and your child of the exciting gender reveal day.  The paper can be removed to allow room for other sentimental keepsakes.  The outside pink and blue banner can also be removed, which leaves a gender neutral silver and white box.

If you purchase this item, we will have the mother contact her doctor and make the following request:

1.  Write baby's gender (boy or girl) on a piece of paper

2.  Scan the piece of paper and save the scanned image.  Name the file the mother's first and last name (i.e. AlisonJones.jpg)

3.  Email the scanned image to the mother.  Do NOT communicate the gender in the subject or email.

Finally, the mother can forward the email (without opening the image) to


Once you complete your purchase, we will contact you directly and remind you of the above instructions.  If you are having multiples, contact us and we can accommodate -

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