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Glitter Spider Halloween Centerpiece

Fill a cylinder vase with tissue paper and sparkly, spooky, glittery spiders to make a beautiful centerpiece or decoration for your Halloween party!

You can choose between a 10" high or 16" high vase.  Both vases have a 5" opening at the top. Each side is flat with a crystal clear surface that gives everyone a good view of anything you place inside. The bottom is flat and solid so the unit remains well balanced when placed on any even surface. We always recommend displaying these near the center of tables, away from edges. The container is made entirely of high quality glass, which can last for years when properly cleaned and stored.

The 5X10 vase comes with tissue paper (in orange, purple, or black) and 6 glitter spiders (2 of each color - green, orange, purple) and the 5X16 vase comes with tissue paper and 9 glitter spiders (2 of each color - green, orange, purple).


Here is an example of how to fill the vase with tissue paper.  Then, add the spiders to the top!



Product Type: Centerpieces